September 22, 2010

Baltimore Health Coaches…Shoutout and Special Thanks!

Good evening… I was debating about blogging tonight because I am so exhausted! Today I finally dragged myself out of bed to workout in the morning. I did the core synthesis for P90X however my body feels like it has been beaten with a baseball bat(which is a good thing)! I felt great in the morning, I was rocking out and feeling good but then 2pm hit and I HIT A WALL!! So tired and struggled throughout the day. I just need to get my body back to the grove of things.

So what I had to blog about tonight was my attendance at the Baltimore Health Coach Class. I learned about the coaches and program way back in early spring on Groupon. I have dying to get in there and learn some new things but I wanted to take a few people with me so they can learn as well. I ended up taking my boyfriend’s mom and sister.

The Baltimore Health Coach class tonight was for the 15 min meal system. The coaches were Lucas and Richele, absolutely the nicest people ever! The class was so casual, more of discussion rather than a presentation on what you should or should not eat. They wanted to hear what everyone was currently struggling with, what they would like to get out of the class, and what they can help with. After we discussed a little bit, it was time to hit the kitchen. They really emphasized on seasonal local food, preparing and prepping is key, and you need to learn how your body reacts to certain foods. We made a stir fry, a slaw, Kasha(just learned about this grain), and fritta. I love what they believe in what it comes to natural whole foods instead of it being processed. One thing I was so shocked about was even regular oatmeal is processed because the oats are pressed and flaten…. so little things like this are key in trying to eat whole natural foods in your diet.

I would recommend this program for anyone that is looking for a lifestyle change in their diet. I think its SO important to realize how foods are so processed, chemically messed with(if that makes sense?), and how it can mess with your body. Like today-I couldn’t believe that the FDA is deciding to make gentically modified salmon…WTF is up with that? I mean look at the difference in the pic below…its salmon gone on riods. So sad that this actually happens in so many foods! We dont even realize we are putting these bad things in our body.

So gross!

Well, thats it for tonight. Once again, I want to say thank you again to Lucas and Richele for a great cooking and learning experience tonight.

September 21, 2010

Monday Start

Happy Monday! Well Mondays are not always a happy one but for me I feel like it was a great start to the week.

Today- I felt so organize and refreshed. Today I wanted to do the following: Writing down all my transactions and receipts…check. Went for a run…..check. Had balanced healthy meals today…CHECK!

Yesterday I went to the Baltimore Farmers Market and bought eggs, eggplants, and spring mix salad. My boyfriend and I try to go when he is in town on Sundays. He always buys fresh donuts and I always get my Zeke’s coffee. Its starting to become a tradition on Sunday mornings after I drag him out of bed. So with my awesome purchases that I made, I started my morning with an egg-white scramble with black beans and cheese. Lunch- I had a spring salad mix with goat cheese, beets, and cranberries (I am obsessed with this salad).

Then for dinner I used my eggplants. First time I have ever decided to cook eggplant. I made grilled eggplant, topped off with shrimp, roasted red pepper tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese. Results….FANTASTIC! Even my non healthy eating roommate enjoyed it. I even have leftovers for lunch tomorrow which is even better.

Tomorrow night I will be attending the Baltimore Health Coach cooking classes. In this class I will learn “The 15 min meal system”. I cant wait to share all the awesome meals we make tomorrow night!!!!

Well..lights out for me. I am dying to get up in the morning to go run!!! Biggest struggle this past month… I just hit the snooze button like 20 times…super.

September 20, 2010

Splurge on experiences, not stuff….

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. This was the first weekend since..well I dont know since the first day of summer that I had a chance to relax, not travel, and not having any obligations. Such a great feeling! My weekend started with a Friday night yoga sesh. Yesterday- fit in a P90x workout, college football, and made homemade pizza with the boyfriend. Today was the Fed Hill Beat Street Festival. The street closes down and bands play throughout the area. It was even better because of football sunday so people were out in the street and running into bars watching football, perfect day for it.

Saturday night I picked up the new issue of Real Simple. What really caught my eye about this particular issue was the cover of the magazine “Secret Ways to Save Everyday”. I have been wanting to pay off my credit cards, control my spending habits, and start saving! Since college, I havent been able to pay all the credit cards off and its so frustrating. I realize that I need to make this a goal to pay them all off. I just recently paid my car loan off so that is a HUGE relief! So sitting down today looking over my new magazine they had some really great tips and ideas on how to save money. Here are my favorite ones!!!!

1. You can donate your car to a charity, They usually come pick it up for free, and the tax break is usually a pretty handsome award.

2. Instead of doing a monthly budget, do a weekly budget ( I need to do this one).

3. Start a money journal.

So after reviewing these tips, I have decided to take charge on my finances. I need to make some adjustments and start making myself more accountable of my habits. Here is what I have decided to do…..1. I am going to save ALL my receipts, 2. record all transactions in a money journal, and 3. set a weekly budget for myself. Now that my car payments are finally done (HOLLAR) I am going to put that money towards my credit cards. Just like Caitlin from Twentyfifthyear blog did with her Summer Spending Challenge, I want to challenge myself in paying those bad boys off. I have decided to take all credit cards out of the wallet and cut them. One card at a time…. cut and pay off. I know this is going to be tough especially that Christmas is right around the corner but I just want that feeling knowing that I can do it on my own. I do have to say that I think spending money on your experiences and not stuff is very awarding. For example, I am taking a cooking class on Tuesday so in the future I can make new meals and avoid going out.

Well wish me luck! 

Do you have financial goals? Any spending goals for this holiday season?

September 14, 2010

Week 1 of P90X

Hola! Week 1 of P90X is completed. This week was a little rough to start the plan but I tried to do extra work earlier in the week because I had a wedding this past weekend. My workout schedule below:

Day 1-Core Synthesis (all over body workout, more like circuit training)

Day 2-Cardio X(plyos and fast yoga)

Day 3-Arms, Shoulders, and Abs ( Abs Ripper DVD was KILLLLEERRRRR!!!!)

Day 4-Yoga (hard intense yoga)

Day 5-Legs, Back, and Abs ( lots of of my favs)

Day 6-Kenpo (missed this day because of the wedding but did extra cardio earlier in the week)

So far so good. I really like the different workouts. I like to play music in the background so its not just the dvd music playing (boringggg). I try to take my lab top to the gym and workout in the studio. Sometimes, I work out in my basement if the studio isnt available. I miss doing my long runs so I may try to incorporate those back in the mix. My goal is to do this program for the next three months. Its a tough time I think for all during the holiday season creeping up. I think its important to remind yourself to continue eating healthy through the holiday season. I know..easier said then done but it will you feel so much better and not one of things rushing to the gym Jan 1st..

P90X offers a nutrition program but I am just doing my daily routine. I need to pay more attention to my eating habits on the weekends to make sure I stay on track. Usually throughout the week I have a smoothie or oatmeal pancakes in the morning, salad for lunch, greek yogurt for snack, and seafood and veggies for dinner. Its been about 8 months now that I have gone vegan.

I will you updated on my progress. I really do think that they should have P90X for itunes. They can tell you what to do and you can have a song for each move…it can be my Wishful thinking….

Happy Monday!

September 14, 2010

Apple Slaw

Here is a new recipe that I found in the Clean Eating magazine. This dish is great for lunch or for a salad app. The apples really sweeten it up. Enjoy!

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

1 tbsp olive oil

1/4 tsp sea salt

1 1/2 small cabbages, shredded 7 cups

3 large carrots, shredded

1 Granny Smith Apple, unpeeled and cut into strips

1 Red Apple, unpeeled, and cut into strips

1/4 cup, fresh parsley chopped

2 tbsp unsalted walnuts, chopped

September 8, 2010

Farewell Summer 2010, 266 Days Until Memorial Day….

Well its sad to say summer is officially over. The tan, waves, sand, being outside, bbqs, just the smell of summer is dunzo. Labor Day Weekend was a last summer bash in Dewey Beach. Of course there is a whole line up for the weekend. Taco Toss at the Lighthouse Friday night, Jam Sesh at the Cork Saturday, and Suicide Sunday at the Starboard. There is nothing like it. I even brought some of the bmore kids with me so they can experience it all. Needless to say there was a lost wallet, major dance parties, trying to get clothes back on some people, and late night pizza eating at Mamas… But most of all, I have my second family down there in Dewey Beach. All the kids my college roommate and I used to babysit for live down there full time in the summer. Watching the kids growing up is something that gets to me and my friend everytime we get down there. Hanging with their families is something that we cherish so much. Even though we go through fall-spring without really seeing each other, its like we still all live down there and we are a family.

Now what…fall comes around. I would like to start setting some goals and plans for myself. I feel like this summer I kind of lost touch of those after the half marathon and just been nonstop. I want goals for my fitness, health, finances, and just for my self. Hopefully I will gather those before this weekend. I feel like with a new season and month…its time for a good fresh start.

August 26, 2010

Im Bacccck!

Wow…so its been so long. I miss being on here talking with you all and keeping track of workouts, accomplishments, some new challenges, and just discussing about life. I had to stop blogging for bit because of work and life being so busy….lame excuse but I have been non stop all summer and now here we are a week from labor day weekend. So sad! Summer is my favorite season and its coming to an end. Its been a good summer though, cant complain. I have made it to Dewey Beach a few times this summer, my favorite place in the world.

When I was starting this blog I was training pretty hard for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in San Diego…well my friends it was a huge success. I finished around 1:41…not too shabby right? I was really happy with that time. I also spend 9 days in San Diego and it was an awesome trip. My best friend Meghan moved out there around a year ago and I was so happy to check out her new home (however I was very jealous!) We had a big group of go skydiving near the Mexican boarder…one of those things that must be on your bucket list!! I am not gonna lie.. I was scare shitless but it was the best feeling ever jumping out the plane and flying through the sky…nothing else like it.

Me and Meg!


SOO proud of us :)

Safe landing...thank god!

Me and my girls

Another trip I just come back from is Chicago. I went there last year for the Mens Health Urbanathlon, but that was during the fall season… summer time there is incredible! However this trip was for business, but it was still an awesome trip.

Wrigley Field

Oh-I failed to mention the Jack Johnson concert. What a great singer!!! He came to Merriweather and there was a large group of friends that went…did I mention it was like 110 degrees out too. It was like 9pm and we were still sweating to death! Probably didnt help that we were dancing machines either.

So that pretty much concludes my summer :) Looking forward to getting back on here!!!

April 7, 2010

Its been a little crazy…

Hi kids! So once again I am slacking on here. I hate that but life has been so hectic. I finally have one job that I can focus on and do my best in. I just got promoted and I am so excited. Such a good change! I just started it full time today too. I feel like a kid starting the first day of school today.. but I had a nice long break from all the craziness before I jumped in there today.

However, I really miss being on here! Its time for me to get back on track. Some recent updates….. I bought a juicer!!!! It’s awesome and I am totally obsessed. After reading the Raw Food Detox Diet, it inspired me to get one. So now I have been putting a little mix together in the morning. It’s surprisingly refreshing and good!!!! See below… I mixed lemon, kale, spinach, green apples, and ginger.

I bought the juicer from Target for only $30. I didnt feel like spending a ton and it was a great first purchase to get started. Overall, I have been eating really well however the days off and nice weather creates nothing but all day drinking events.. so thats the only thing that is bringing me down.

Working out has been pretty good too! I signed up for a personal trainer named Malcom. My friend Lindsay and I decided to sign up together to do this twice a week. Its kind of like therapy…but I love it lol. I have been keeping up with running too. Sad news is that the Tough Mudder race that I was going to do in PA has filled up already!!! WTFFFFFFF… I was so disappointed. But buttt….. they have another race in San Fran in October so I am kind of flirting with the plan of going out there.. so stayed tuned for that.

So I promise I will make time to get back on here. Its important to me that I do. It helps me stay in touch with good people on here and get my butt in check.

I hope everyone is well…


March 23, 2010

So Sorry!!! I have been on vacay!

So after I talked about how great I was doing… I went on vacation in Salt Lake and I havent been back on here since. Very disappointing! So just sum up my past two weeks I have been one busy girl! I went to Salt Lake City to visit my big brother out there. Hung out with the fam and went skiing. Its absolutely amazing out there! I would love to move out west! Here are some pics of my travels! We always go to this one restaurant called the Market Street Grill. They have the best seafood and this raspberry tart cake…its to die for!!!

I got the Salmon with honey glaze sauce w/green beans.

And topped my night for my most favorite desert ever!!!! It has fresh raspberries inside with heavy whipping cream, and vanilla cake…this all together equals amzingness!!!

So hopefully after getting this I got to burned it off with some skiing. We skied all day. It was snowing like crazy up in the mountains. We got 6 inches of fresh powder…so awesome. Here is some pics of the mountain.

So that pretty sums up my trip out there. It was a nice getaway from the city. It makes you appreciate the outdoors being out there! I have been on somewhat on track with eating and working out. Not to the full potential where I like to be..but steady with it. Hopefully get back on here and reaching out to you all will get me there.

Have a good night! I will catch up on more about life tomorrow…sooo tired!

March 10, 2010

Keeping it up!

Well I must say… I am so proud of myself. Even though me and the girls went out all weekend. I stayed on track with my eating..even though drinking was involved I still ate good. Yes I know drinking isnt good but you gotta enjoy it once in a while. Especially when its big gatherings for St. Pattys day. Usually when the drinking happens everything else does like my eating. Just to show the most amazing margarita from Nacho Mamas on Saturday…..its amazing but dangerous! oh yeah…its called a hub cap. They use lemonade/lime mix instead of sour mix…so much better!

After the all day drinking day, I came home snacked on a honeynut rice cake with cinnamon raisin pb…..better than greasy fatty food, right?

On Sunday, coming back from Delaware I was we were at the mall and I stopped at Starbucks and I saw this new fun little food bar called Two Moms in the Raw (  Looked healthy and good…..but I wasnt the biggest fan of it. Maybe if I try different flavors I might like it better. But these bars are 100%organic, vegan , and raw.

I do like how this company is about having kids eat healthy… it needs to happen more!!! Also, the creator of this company was diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis. She found a natural approach to help her disease… and it seems like she is doing an incredible job. Its amazing how things work out.

Monday night the boyfriend decided to make dinner… he seems to be handling me not eating chicken and red meat pretty good. He made a “Pasta Bean Toss”. We found this recipe in the Runners World magazine this month. We used whole grain penne, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, chickpeas, kidney beans, parmesan cheese, olive oil, and garlic. It was soooo good!! However the bf kept forgetting to add stuff to it. We were so hungry that we almost ate it without the beans…

A must try!!!


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